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I just finished your book, and I wanted to let you know I just loved it!  What a remarkable adventure with your wonderful family. So well written, with so much depth and spirituality weaving through your incredible adventures.  Really, I couldn’t wait to turn the page!
—Cynthia O.

In the spirit of Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild” and Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love,” in her memoir “Square Up”, Lisa Dailey weaves together two significant journeys – one geographic/physical and the other emotional. She captured me from the very beginning. I rooted for her, worried about her, admired her, and appreciated her courage and insight to the very end. She has done a terrific job and we all have much to learn from her experience. Highly recommended.
—Jerri D.

Square Up is illuminated by a life-giving energy, in the speaker’s voice, the places visited, the focus, purpose and fragility of motherhood on Earth.
—Betty S.

—Peggy D.

The book tells a great story of survival, how Lisa and her family adapt to their constantly changing environment. By the time it is over, their comfort zone had been truly expanded more than most people will ever experience. Fun to read, some tough times to deal with, but overall a great story and I know you will enjoy reading it.
—Mike C.

—Pat R.

Amazing story 🙂 I could relate so well the narrator’s story. It hit home for me so much and learning how she dealt with it has helped me in my own journey. I enjoyed learning how all the places her family and her got to see. She described each location with great detail and i couldn’t wait to learn about each place they visited.
—Tina A.

—Jessica S.

Lisa Dailey did a wonderful job of blending a family memoir with a travel memoir. If she had separated these two and tried to make them two separate memoirs….neither would have been as effective, but here, they complement and enrich one another. Her blending was both poignant (even heartbreaking in terms of the family’s troubled past) and thrilling, the travels and challenges taken. I esp. admire the family’s insistence on Being There, on seeing and doing. The family and the memoir bring both energy and fear to this enterprise, especially one of the young sons falls ill. The heart breaks on behalf of the author’s parents, and her brother, all of them gone within a matter of months. But I also admired how the narrator grew and changed as the book progressed, at her strength and courage. A Narrator and an adventure we can applaud and admire.
—Amazon Reader

—Amazon Reviewer
Lisa did a terrific job of keeping this reader engaged and wanting to know where the family was going next and what would they encounter in their journey. A great balance of travel adventures, family dynamics, grief healing and personal reflection. I was left with only one question: How is RJ???
—Kristi Lyn R.

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