I spoke with Betsy Graziani Fasbinder (possibly the most fabulous human you’ll every meet BTW) about my book, Square Up. You can find the interview on The Morning Glory Project website.

From Betsy Graziani Fasbinder of The Morning Glory Project

The Morning Glory Project is my earnest attempt to listen to, learn from, and celebrate people of exceptional determination.

Whether they’ve overcome obstacles, endured traumas or tragic losses, experienced setbacks, disappointments, or failures, or they’ve accomplished what others might have thought impossible, I want to know these folks, and it’s my joy to introduce them to you. 

Morning Glory People endure, when others around them may not. They’ve survived what others might not have. I want to know what inspiration, practices, resources, and decisions keep them going when so many others might quit.

The stories of Morning Glory People are not all tidy, happy-ending stories. Those who endure do so with scars, but they endure. They survive. They thrive. They find meaning—life, love, joy, hope, passion—beyond their experience, and they turn their disappointments and disasters into determination. Some are activists, some are entrepreneurs. Some are artists, others champions for their cause. 

These are the candid, authentic stories of inspiring people with stories of determination.

Morning Glory People inspire me; I just know they’ll inspire you too. 

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You can order your copy of Square Up from Sidekick Press.

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